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Deep Intimacy with yourself

Embodied practices bring together the yogic path and modern science - integrating Transpersonal Psychology and Somatic practices with Non-dual Tantra and Embodiment Practices.  

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Embodied Offerings

Yoga and Movement Group classes

Classes range from soulful full-body opening and restorative classes tailored to reset and rewind; to Vinyasa Classes with playful mobility and strength elements to reconnect with our inner power.

Embodied Meditation Classes

Guided inner journeys to facilitate deeper embodiment, relaxation and personal and spiritual development.

1-1 Embodied Guide Sessions

Private tailor made sessions bringing together yoga, somatics, embodiment practices and breath for both healing and personal and spiritual growth.

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1-1 Embodied Sessions

Tailor-made holistic sessions focusing on your individual goals.  We will work with breath, mindful movement, self-development techniques and meditation to bring your body and mind back to balance and support clarity, self-healing, self-care and personal growth. 

I will guide you in reconnecting with your body’s needs, wisdom and authentic self.


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