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I am Hanna, a London-based Therapist & Coach, Trauma-Informed Facilitator, and guide in the fields of personal transformation, intimacy, and relating.

My Story

Since I was young, I have been fascinated by human nature. I have spent most of my life on a journey discovering the various sides of our human existence - from the social sciences and psychology to the depths of conscious relating and embodied spirituality. I have always had a passion for understanding the world through integrating modern psychology and science-based approaches with Eastern philosophies, Psychospiritual and Transpersonal Psychology.

Like many other people, I was constantly searching for "something", and I was hunted by the sense that no matter how much I worked, archived, learned, "healed", or "worked on myself", it seemed to be just never good enough. I was always looking for "something" more. My search and passion took me to various academic and experimental courses around social sciences, neuroscience, psychology, transpersonal psychology, body- and trauma- focused therapies, Eastern Philosophies, conscious relating and sacred sexuality.

My journey has also taken me to long-term world travel, working worldwide, living in various cultures, and exploring world religions. I have lived in remote outback areas, travelled and lived in areas with nomadic and aboriginal cultures, and explored the cultural diversity and subcultures in the world metropolis. Also, I am familiar with the corporate world and have worked in the international travel industry. 

I plunged into the world of psychology, conscious relationships, attachment theory, sacred sexuality, embodied intimacy, and trauma-and-body- focused therapies. I learned how to heal my nervous system, re-learned healthy and mature love, and dived deep into my shadows and recovery from relational traumas. Most importantly, I learned how to build expansive relationships, heal in connections and build deep, loving intimacy with myself. I finally found a sense of "alrightness", inner peace, and self-love, not through becoming perfect or transcending my messy and real humanness, but by focusing on the root cause of the traumas that created this polarity in the first place. 

My work borrows from my own experience and from my belief that therapy can be more than 'healing' - it can be transformational. Personal growth and healing do not have to be two different paths. 

You may have also been searching for a long time; you may feel stuck and anxious, or feel hunted by a sense that there must be something more in life. Would you like to stop searching and find your own unique answers? 



Qualifications & Professional Memberships

  • Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling  - Institute of Psychosynthesis

  • Masters in Psychosynthesis Psychology. Institute of Psychosynthesis in affiliation with Middlesex University - Dissertation focusing on developmental trauma and conscious relationships

  • Individual Member of the The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, minor in Psychology - University of Tallinn

  • Trauma to Trust Teacher Training - Trauma- informed facilitation training and working with history of trauma in both  1-1 sessions and group settings - Embodied Intimacy, Buster Rådvik (MA) 

  • Heart IQ Circle Work Facilitator Training -  trauma informed somatic facilitation, group dynamics, somatic coaching & circle work to facilitate personal and collective tranformation.  Christian Pankhurst

  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors - Transformational approaches to treating complex trauma. Janina Fisher, in-person CPD.

  • Peer counselling and peer support facilitation training, mentoring, 1-1 support and motivational interviewing.

  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training, The Bridget Woods-Kramer School of Yoga

  • The Breath in Psychotherapy - Therapeutic use of breath-work. Psychosynthesi Trust, Claudia Businaro, in -person CPD 

  • Professional Liability Insurance held with Holistic Insurance Services

  • Various workshops, courses and training about embodied intimacy, embodiment, somatics, trauma etc.

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