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Relational & Embodied Therapy and Coaching

I am a Qualified Transpersonal Therapist (MA), Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Trauma-Informed Facilitator. 

My passion is to offer a holistic, trauma-informed and embodied path to a deeper connection & intimacy, inner work and healing through synthesising various transformational modalities. 

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I offer online group, couple, and 1-to-1 sessions for UK- based and international clients.

All my offerings are trauma-informed.

Green Leaf Close Up

Somatic, trauma-informed & spiritually-oriented coaching for healing, integration, spiritual awakenings, and deeper connections in the modern world.  My coaching sessions bring together scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom to offer guidance for people looking to explore or deepen their journey of self-development, spiritual growth, life purpose, meditation, embodiment, psychedelic integration, or sacred sexuality.

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Green Leaves

Integrative and holistic talk therapy  that integrates body-centered, and science - based, techniques to access the deeper layers of healing. that lie within. My approach incorporates working with early childhood and past trauma,  current issues and challenges,  and the vast potential for growth, new opportunities and transformation.  

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Banana Leaves

Coaching and therapy sessions for individuals and couples focusing on topics around Relational Traumas, Relationship Transitions & Challenges, Relational Repair, Sexuality and Intimacy, Ethical Non- Monogamy, Conscious Uncoupling, Managing Triggers, Attachment Patterns and Empowered Dating.

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