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Intimacy and Relationships

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          Attachment & Relational Repair
           Intimacy & Conscious Relating 

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My sessions are rooted in...

Trauma, Nervous System and Attachment Knowledge

Each individual and couple has a unique attachment style, history and trauma history. My practice is focused on how to learn and grow through our challenges. 

Science-Based & Holistic 

I help you create lasting change in your sexuality, intimacy, relationships, and communication by integrating science-based approaches with holistic modalities. This body-oriented and trauma-sensitive approach puts your well-being at the center.

Intimacy- Focused

Through a variety of exercises, practices, and guided experiences, our sessions integrate therapy and embodied intimacy approaches to cultivate deep connection and communication skills.

My approach

My work lies at the intersection of secure intimacy, relational repair, and conscious relating. I support individuals and couples with developing deeper intimacy, moving from relational challenges to secure relating, and building growth-focused relationships.

Our world is busy and messy, and modern love reflects that. Relationships are constantly evolving, shaped by a growing emphasis on autonomy, authenticity, and personal growth. This shift opens exciting possibilities for expanding our connections and exploring sexuality. This has also brought new challenges and a need for upgraded communication and self-awareness skills. We all enter relationships with our unique history and absorb messages from how childhood dictating how we should behave to be loved and accepted. I know how hard it can be to relearn to trust and open our hearts again after painful past experiences, difficult childhood or abusive relationships. Our past can influence our relational lives and make it harder to build relationships based on vulnerability, trust, and authenticity. 

Most couples go to relationship counselling too late, when the relationship has already lost its spark or reached a crisis point where it is no longer possible to hear each other or heal.  We all want to be heard, to be felt, and to feel safe, and also experience growth, excitement and passion. I know it is not always easy to create and sustain the relationships we desire. 

My passion is to support individuals and couples as they navigate their relational journey, fostering deep intimacy, transformative communication, and relational repair. Together, we can build sustainable, safe, and passionate connections, even after conflict, triggers, and challenging moments.

Our past challenges can be stepping stones. With the right tools, support, and skills, we can learn new ways of loving and relating, embarking on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Regardless of your background or relationship type, we all deserve the thriving intimate relationships we long for. 

I support individuals and couples with...

Relationship Transitions & Conscious Uncoupling

Handling relationship breakups, separation and divorce. Are you going through a challenging relationship transition? Would you like to grow through the various stages of a relationship together with your partner? Or are you struggling with a challenging break-up process?

Dating and Love

Modern dating can be challenging. I can support you in clarifying your relationship's needs and wants, moving beyond insecurities and limiting beliefs, and finding your unique empowered way of approaching your dating and love life. I also support people after relational traumas to relearn trust and explore dating and relationships.

Relationship challanges and Relational Repair

Supporting you with building secure intimacy and developing communication tools to skillfully manage conflicts. Are you stuck in the same arguments, experiencing communication issues, or not feeling heard in the relationship? Do you feel jealous, frustrated or disillusioned? Are you unsure as to whether you and your partner should stay together to separate? I support you with the process of re-establishing intimacy and trust in your relationship after a rapture, trigger, conflict and hurt. Strengthen your relationship by creating a consistent practice of repair. During our sessions we can explore the root causes and dynamics that have leade to a conflict or unfulfilling relationships.

Passion, Exploration and Sexuality

Conscious exploration of kink, conscious sexuality and open relating. Would you or your partner(s) like to explore a new aspect or dimension of your sexuality (kink, polarity, fantasies, sensuality) in a conscious and growth-focused way? I can support you with various challenges and fears, including boundaries, agreements, consent, misalignment of desires in a relationship, trauma reactions, communication and managing triggers. Also, I support people to identify their desires, re-connect with body and full body "yes" and create a sense of empowerment and safety in the sexual exploration journey.

Conscious Relating and Sacred Sexuality

Reignite emotional and physical intimacy. Would you like to explore how to build deep conscious relationships? How to communicate your desires and needs, and bring more intention and sacredness into your connections? Would you like to go beyond the superficial and move into spaces of vulnerability, trust, and authenticity?

Attachment and Triggers

Are you struggling to understand and change your attachment style? Or repeating triggers and past pain is causing conflicts and hurt in your relationships? Do you struggle with repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships? I can help to identify and change these patterns and support you in learning self-regulation and co-regulation techniques, and explore the root causes of activisation.

Open relating and ENM 

Coaching for people practising or considering exploring various forms of ENM. Explore various types of alternative relationships and how to create sustainable agreements and relationship transitions. Support for couples and individuals who struggle with boundaries and agreements, affairs, communication, jealousy, or have trouble creating their ideal vision of relationship(s).



£80 / 50-minute session

£100 / 75-minute session

Partner & Relationship Coaching: 

£120/ 75- minute session

Partner & Relationship Therapy: 

£120/ 75- minute session - lower sliding scale rates available 

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