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Somatic, trauma-informed &  spiritually-oriented


Modern Science ● Ancient Wisdoms

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My somatic, trauma-informed, and spiritually-oriented approach offers a modern and soulful path to explore healing, integration, spiritual awakenings, self-discovery, and deeper connections. Coaching sessions combine science with ancient wisdom, guiding you towards a deeper connection with your body, mind, and soul, empowering you to follow your unique path and calling.

Ready for a new chapter? Called for something greater? Feeling that things are "falling apart"? Struggling to find your path, or yearning for the next step in your healing journey? You're exactly where you need to be.

Together, we can explore...

Grounded Spiritual Growth

Discover a fresh approach to spirituality in the modern world, based on sustainable transformation, integration and embodiment. I will help you find a grounded way forward through your inner work, integrating new insights into your everyday life.


Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Relating

Deepen your connection with yourself and turn relationships into self-actualisation paths. Experience deeper embodiment and sensuality, bring sacredness back to your sexuality, and learn the transformational power of relating. 

Embodied Purpose & Creativity

Connect with your authentic self and deeper sense of purpose and calling. Together we can explore limiting belifs and mindsets, and explore embodied  and practical ways of manifesting your dreams into reality.


Medicine Journey & Altered States Integration

Unlock the power of psychedelic journeys. Prepare for and integrate non-ordinary states of consciousness, applying breakthroughs and insights to navigate everyday life and find support for challenging experiences.

Trauma and Spirituality

Explore your inner world in a trauma-informed space, Sessions include bespoke methods and meditations that support neurodiversity and trauma recovery. Explores the connection between trauma and the sacred, the nature of healing from relational wounding, and how our challanges can serve as a portal into growth, healing, and spiritual transformation. 

Shadow Work & Limiting Beliefs



Compassionately engage with your shadow, change internalised limiting beliefs, and find freedom from the sabotaging inner critic. I can help you disentangle from cultural conditioning, aligning your mindset and actions with your authentic self and values. Integrating shadow  releases tremendous energy and helps allow our deepest insights and realizations to filter down into our bodies and everyday lives.

This is for you if ...

  • You are looking for an approach that moves away from the mainstream rhetoric of big promises and band-aid solutions, and is based on holistic, in-depth knowledge of self-actualisation, inner work and spiritual growth.

  • You have been on a long self-development journey yet have struggled to integrate the experiences into your everyday life or create a sustainable change.

  • You would like to deepen your connection with your body and sensuality and also build deep soulful connections. 

  • You have a sense that something is "missing" from your life.

  • You would like to move beyond limiting beliefs, people-pleasing, perfectionism and other limiting patterns.

  • You are changing and your lifestyle no longer reflects who you are becoming.​

  • You are looking for a holistic approach that includes body, mind, spirituality and sensitivity to traumas, natural cycles and the nervous system. 

  • You are ready to peel back layers of armour and create a life that aligns with your values. - a life that nourishes your soul.

During the Sessions we will explore: ​
  • Transpersonal and Embodied Meditations

  • Creative Visualisations

  • Embodiment and Somatic Enquiries

  • Nervous System Regulation and Somatic Resources

  • Inner Work tools and Inner Dialogue

  • Parts and Subpersonalities Work

  • Shadow Work

  • Breathwork

  • Working with Dreams

  • Inner Child Work


What informs my work?

My work brings together more than 12 years of experience with Eastern disciplines, Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal psychology (MA), Non-Dual Tantra, and deep knowledge of embodiment and embodied spiritual awakenings. I believe in including inner work, trauma, conscious relationships, shadow integration, and sensitivity to the body and nervous system as vital parts to our growth and self-actualization paths. ​


What is Psychosynthesis?


Psychosynthesis is a holistic approach to psychology which explores the unique potential and purpose within each of us. It brings together psychology - the science of the psyche - and our deeper spiritual essence. Psychosynthesis encompasses a wide array of techniques designed to help individuals explore their inner world and achieve self-realisation. It aims to integrate all levels of our being into greater whole, bringing harmony to the fragmented parts within ourselves. 




Single session

Initial Session: £60 / 50min

Individual Session: £90/ 75min



 £425/ 5 sessions

 £800/ 10 sessions

Image by Patrick Ryan

Take your first step on your journey with a free, no-obligation intro call.
This is a friendly conversation where we can discuss what brought you here and see if I'm the right fit to support you.

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