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Become who you were always meant to be...

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Have you been feeling stuck, unfulfilled, depressed, or like something "missing"? Perhaps you feel called towards a richer, soulful, more meaningful life?

Would you like to move towards your dreams without overthinking, anxiety, people-pleasing, and without worrying about being too much or not good enough? 

Are you longing to transform your relationships from triggers, anxiety, and repeating patterns to deep, meaningful, and empowering connections? 

Do you struggle with the impact of your childhood or relational traumas?

Short- and long-term online therapy for UK and international clients

Individual therapy is an opportunity to inquire into current challenges, questions, and conflicts. Our traumas and challenges are not signs that we are 'broken' or 'unlovable', but integral parts of our growth journey. We just have not yet had a container to fully hold and integrate these experiences, to see them as opportunities for profound healing and self-discovery.

Whether you are just starting your therapy journey or continuing your path to growth, I can help you reconnect with yourself, break free from limiting patterns, and live the authentic life you are meant to live. 

My Approach



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How I can help you

Here are some areas we could explore together. There is no need to check off these boxes to work with me. I enjoy working with a wide range of topics and clients.

Relationships, Intimacy & Love

Individual relationship therapy for those who are single or who are with partners and want more fulfilling, intimate and conscious bonds.

Relationships can support us to grow and find deeper intimacy with ourselves and others.  They can also trigger our deepest insecurities, pains, and disconnection. My sessions can help you feel more secure in your body and mind, recover from dysfunctional and abusive relationships, build deeper intimacy, and develop relationships that are not defined by past experiences, triggers and repeating patterns. 

Anxiety, Stress & Relational Traumas  

Do you feel like your anxiety and doubts are holding you back from  being the person you want to be? I can help you break free from the cycle of anxiety that controls your life. Together, we can learn to calm your nervous system, create a sense of safety and calm, and explore the root causes of your distress. You may also be struggling with the impact of relational traumas and childhood wounds. These attachment wounds may have you stuck in unfulfilling relationship patterns, self-doubt, anxiety, or self-criticism. I can support you on your healing and re-patterning journey 

Self-esteem, perfectionism & limiting beliefs

Many of us are stuck in a trance of ‘not enough-ness’ and are constantly battling their inner critic. Perfectionism, people- pleasing, and low self-esteem can keep you away from living the life you really desire and make you feel like your problems are not big enough to ask for help. I can support you to break these old patterns, find freedom from self-destructive thoughts, and move towards your dreams.

Personal- Growth & Life Transitions 

Would you like to deepen your connection with yourself and explore your potential, meaning and values?  Do you crave a new career path, unleashing your creativity, tackling fresh challenges, and all with supportive guidance?  You might want to explore existential matters such as freedom, purpose, lack of meaning and sense of "stuckness", and aloneness; or the more transpersonal aspects of our experience, integrating psychedelic or spiritual experiences into your daily life. I can help you craft your unique path of growth.

"By providing a home where none was originally available, by making room for breath where no breath was once allowed, with the other we step into a sanctuary where it is safe to feel again. Somehow, together, we craft a new dwelling in which we can remember that innate brilliance that is our true nature."- Matt Licata


I combine transpersonal psychotherapy and trauma methodology with cutting edge science and body-focused approaches. My work is rooted in psychosynthesis, a soulful transpersonal approach that expands on psychoanalysis. While psychoanalysis examines your past and challenges, psychosynthesis goes further, guiding you towards self-development, growth, and a life filled with meaning and authenticity.

In sessions, I organically integrate visualisations, parts work, coaching modalities, inner-child work, somatic resources, transpersonal meditations, and guided embodied meditation practices. My approach is relational and client-led, meaning I can adapt my style to best meet your unique needs.  I integrate in-depth understanding of the nervous system, attachment, and trauma to guide my work.

True healing is not the fixing of the broken, but the rediscovery of the unbroken.

- Jeff Foster

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